Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center

Nowadays, Offshore Development Center (ODC) is successful business model why because client will have their own team working at lower operating expense. Under this business model, client will have options to choose best candiates from number of applicants based on their business needs.

Offshore Development Center (also referred as ODC); the entire project done at different lcoation where service providers works. Client will be in touch with offshore development team located in India. There will be no face-to-face interaction between client and development team until conversation done between client and Business Analyst and Management Team for gathering requirement and goals. Once Project comes on board, client and development team will have interaction through suitable mode of communication.

At NSquareIT, our professional ODCs always adopt the client’s norms, standards, and work environment while maintaining their focus on domain knowledge, skills, and products.

There are various factors which justify success ratio of offshore development service at NsquareIT.

  • Advantage of Low labour cost – 400% cost saving over existing software development in your country.
  • Reduced Overhead (Recruitment Administration)
  • Reduced Infrastructure Cost ( Development center cost)
  • Protected Intellectual property rights.
  • Best Result – from selected experience team member
  • Range of expereinced resource – client will have options to choose best skilled manpower, tools and technology.
  • No Time-zone difference - Working hours as client local time, so project progress can be observe easily.
  • Full control over offshore team. Ability to ramp up/down quickly with no adverse implication
  • Ability to maintain low-cost ‘bench’ to meet sudden spurts in business needs.
  • CCTV – 24/7 live survillance feeds of your workspace where offshore development team presence.
  • Internet Backup – Work will not disturb if any issue raise in their internet, because backup internet is always there.

NSquareIT can provide pull of team members who can fit into Offshore Development process, such as Business Analysist, Website Designer and Developers, Mobile Application Designer and Developer as well as Digital Media Marketing experts. There will be no any high expenditure for client; it will be only initial fix cost and operational cost.