Will “THE INTERN” concept be successful in Indian Companies?

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July 4, 2017
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July 7, 2017

Will “THE INTERN” concept be successful in Indian Companies?

Yesterday, I was getting bored so I took out few minutes from my busy schedule and browsed few channels on my Tata Sky. I came across one title named “The Intern” so, I decided to watch. Surprisingly it kept me engaged for whole 2 hours and I loved it. The internship of older people who are willing to work even after the age of 70, when they can totally enjoy life is beautifully screen played. The friendship of a young strong woman with an older and wiser senior is accurately shown. The concept and disadvantages of stay home dads and working wife is perfectly portrayed.

So, it got me into thinking, how about if we Indians have that internship program? Will it succeed? Will it be a disaster?

Here are some questions in my mind which I need answers for?

  1. Will they be able to work physically?

The physical work, tiring atmosphere, sitting in a chair, working constantly hurts the body and depreciates it. On the other side one gets to stay healthy by being in a discipline, pass time easily, be independent and stay happy.

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  1. Will they be able to work with computers?

Computers are necessity and one must know basic MS Office and browsing internet to work. So, working with computers could be tricky and sometimes straining. However, it is quite easier than working manually. The MS excel and MS word could do half of the work by itself. Talking about company’s own software, young needs training with that and so does oldies.

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  1. Will they not feel older stuck between modern generations?

The main issue about working with younger generation is accepting their attitude, ethics, ideologies and behavior. The young ones are very different than oldies and they tend to behave differently than them. However, if both the generations try to adjust to each other and work peacefully, it can work out. And if they tend to argue, they will never work-out.

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  1. Will they accept the changes and mould themselves accordingly?

If it is India and if we are talking about corporate, then “politics” word has to be joined. It is prevailing everywhere and older people have stopped practicing that long time ago. Thus, going into that mud again could be restless, stressful and non-peaceful. So, taking ethics in one hand and politics in other could be discouraging and demoralizing.

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  1. What if they are provided with training, will they accept the job?

The training is inevitable part of life and everyone needs it to perform a certain task, but it depends on person that how will he take it. The older people are workaholic and may be attentive or they could sit with a blank mind. Older people are like kids – slow to learn everything and one has to be patient. Thus, the impatience could either dominate the situation or the situation could work out peacefully.

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It is very hard to work at new place. The younger generation faces the office politics; senior citizens will definitely face certain challenges. However, despite everything if companies are ready for SENIOR INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, will it be successful on both the ends?

Written by: Kalgee Shah

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