House swapping: Beautiful things happen unexpectedly

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June 12, 2017
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July 4, 2017

House swapping: Beautiful things happen unexpectedly

House Swapping an affordable and smart option for people who are ethical and cannot afford expensive hotels. It has helped many to travel and fulfill the dream of viewing the world without worrying about the experiences. House swapping is not only the substitute to ultra-luxurious, expensive hotels; but it is an invaluable experience of sense of responsibility that one gets while taking care of something that is not his. It is about trust, loyalty and creating memories.

Very few people out of many haven’t had as good experience as it should be. Luckily, I am not one of them. I am 25 years old HR working in dairy firm, based in New Jersey. Last year same day i.e. on 1st June 2016, I with my parents travelled to London. I, and my parents, we all 3 work and we do not find time for each other on normal days. Thus, we decided to have a vacation of 15 days.

Somehow we all managed to get leaves and we started looking for potential destination. It has been my dream to visit London once in a life, so we three zeroed on that. As we were going through website of travel agencies, we found it very hard to manage everything within our budget. Thus, we left the search for time-being.

On the last working day, before going on vacation, one of my friends mentioned HOUSE-SWAPPING. So I researched about it and discussed with my parents. Initially, they disagreed but later they were convinced. With some ground rules, we contacted a house swapping website and we met with beautiful houses with splendid neighborhood. Very next day we reached London and for the Preston house. It was a cute little house on countryside with only a few houses in the neighborhood and peaceful atmosphere. We settle down and made ourselves some hot chocolate. The owner i.e. Preston family left little notes here and there for us to guide which we did not, so we felt bad. I decided to call them and let them know they could ask for our help anytime they wish.

Within 2-3 days we settled down nicely, that we did not feel foreign at all. We roamed around and enjoyed our vacation. While returning I left one of my favorite black dresses for Mrs. Preston as I saw her picture and realized she is the same size as me. We felt so good while returning home that we three almost cried on not just carrying suitcases full of clothes; but souvenirs and beautiful memories as well.

As we reached our home, I found a blank diary and many books on my study table with a letter from Mr. Preston. It said,

Dear Zara,

It gives me immense pleasure to give you these books. I saw your room and found out that you are fond of books. I, being a writer couldn’t stop myself from giving them. I read your personal diary but honestly, I am not sorry because if not that I wouldn’t have known this. We have no kids and if we would have I would want them to be like you.

So, I want you to be what you wish to be, rather than being stuck with your compromises. That will give you happiness because trust me it gave happiness to me. I am leaving you this blank diary so you could be an author to international best-seller and make us proud.

I and my wife rearranged some of your furniture so you could be comfortable.

Stay in touch with us. We would love to welcome you someday at our li’l cottage. Our experience here was wonderful and I couldn’t be better.

Lots of love,

Ronald Preston                                                                        

 Well, now it is clear that, London house swapping was just the first of many more to come. I would suggest everyone reading this to go for house-swapping. For you never know, you could also encounter some Preston family who will leave you encouraging letters, which hotel rooms surely will not.

Written by: Kalgee Shah

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